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Construction Services

What KC Natural Homes can do for you:

  • Consultation

    I am available to advise you on the planning and construction of your own healthy home.

    I am also an EcoNest affiliate builder and can facilitate an EcoNest building workshop if you choose to go that route. The workshop program, as described on the EcoNest website, is a great way to get the shell of your home erected in a hurry, while fostering community involvement, much akin to the traditional "barn raisings" of our ancestors.
  • Plans

    I am experienced in preparing CAD house plans suitable for building permit application.
  • Construction Management

    I can act as your project manager, supervising your chosen contractor. A note of caution: not all building contractors are able or willing to build in a wholly healthy and sustainable manner, and may need to be educated to the importance of making homes a healthy sanctuary.
  • Healthy Builder

    I can act as your primary contractor to ensure that all phases of your home are built to the highest standards possible, and within your budget.