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Natural Home Building Materials

Basic Elements of Natural Building:

photo of timber frameTimber Frame

Provides supporting "bones" of the home.

This is a beautiful time proven braced structural system, employing hand crafted mortise and tenon joinery designed to last for centuries when adequately protected from the elements.

light clay infill wallsLight clay infill

Thick walls combining clay soils with natural fibres (straw and/or wood chips).

This produces walls with built-in thermal mass to store heat and with breathable insulation, resulting in a comfortable, healthy and energy efficient indoor climate.

Natural FinishesNatural finishes

The "skin" on the walls. Clay and lime plasters "breath", allowing water vapour to be stored or pass through the wall as needed.

Clay is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs excess moisture and then releases it when the humidity is lower, resulting in a more healthy indoor climate year round. Natural oil finishes on the timbers and wood trim allow the wood to breath also.

photo of overhang roofA Good Hat and a Good Pair of Boots

Historically, natural building materials last longest when properly protected from the elements.

Hence the use of wide roof overhangs, good drainage, and a sturdy stone base for all exterior walls.

Photo of south facing windowsEnvironmental Awareness

Solar orientation is a very important part of healthy home design.

In this part of the world, that means maximizing southern exposure and being aware of prevailing local weather conditions. The harvesting of solar energy and roof water collection are also factors to be considered.

photo of beautiful homeBeauty and longevity

Natural Home means Healthy Home

The thoughtful use of wood, stone and clay can create a very pleasant and harmonious home, which will be a healthy and peaceful sanctuary for generations to come.