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Meet Keary Conwright

Who am I?

photo of KC inside natural homeI am a building technologist / builder with a varied background, from logging and forestry to engineering design and construction. I have always had an interest in natural building and alternate energy and studied all I could about solar energy and sustainable building design over the years.

I had a chance to put some of those ideas to work when building my own new home on Vancouver Island in 2001 after attending an EcoNest Workshop in New Mexico. I had considered trying insulated rammed earth exterior walls, but was so impressed by the efficient wall forming and material handling system used by Robert Laporte, that I decided light clay was a more logical choice in this climate zone. 

Since then, I have also built an EcoNest spec home as an EcoNest workshop and have become an affiliate builder for the EcoNest Building Company. See for details about the EcoNest workshop training and building program, or Keary Conwright's affiliate page on Econest.